Is ‘Innovation at the Margins’ really all that new?


Our world is changing, fast. The Internet has been the most recent game-changer, but do we realize it’s changing more than just how we communicate? It’s changing more than just how we store and retrieve information. It’s changing how we … Continue reading

Why Should You Go To Church?

Church, Church, Church.

Why should you bother going to church? Valid question. In a time when more and more the accepted theology is that God Loves You, No Exceptions, then what is it exactly that church can give a person, if God is … Continue reading

How to Truly Forgive

And sometimes, forgiveness is a lot like that.

Forgiveness can be the hardest gift in the world to consider giving someone, and can certainly do damage to yourself if you try to force it before you’re ready. It can also be the thing that transforms your life utterly, completely, … Continue reading