Balance In Expectancy

Gorey's cat & books

This is the week were I’ve had to contact people I love and have difficult (though sometimes less difficult, because so many of the people I love are awesome and also quite human) conversations about schedules. Mostly, how the schedules … Continue reading

National Novel Writing Month

The artist as a 1st grader, declaring her intention to the Universe.

There’s this guy named John Ohmer, and he’s a visionary. (That’s cool, isn’t it? But it’s not exceptional – they’re actually all around us.) He admits to heaps of talents and abilities in the world and that one is his … Continue reading



We just had our annual Convention (#176), we crazy Episcopalians in Western New York, and what that means is that we gather to do all our legislation for the year, give Diocesan Council it’s marching orders (they keep us running … Continue reading