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Big Honking Present!

I almost forgot.

I got a prezzie today, randomly. Totally randomly. At lunch.

An aquaintance at Seminary who is a fellow and rabid Harry Potter fan has a little side job putting up and taking down posters at the local mall. Knowing how I adore all things HP, he nabbed a poster for me. It’s like… four foot by eight foot, or something damn similar. It’s for the DVD release of GoF, with Harry front, with the rest of the interesting characters standing behind in a ‘V’, with Viktor as the smallest and farthest away. Well, I gotta tell you, in the 4’x8′ version of the poster he’s just not that small. I made my friends go out into the lounge with me to unroll it and look at it (and then help me roll it back up again) – they humored me, those lovely women.

BTW, I almost keeled over when he handed it to me, all rolled up.

I have no idea where I’m going to put it. It’s huge – did I mention that? I gotta think about this.

Suggestions, anyone? I’ve already got one for the ceiling. I’m seriously thinking about reinforcing the top and bottom strips and putting grommets in, and then hanging it thusly.

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