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Quote of the Day

This one was got on the fifth try. Courtesy of Cara Garland, and anonymous, unless she pipes up and tells me from whence it came. It strikes me as the sort of thing Desmond Tutu would say, but that doesn’t mean it came from him…

“Anything loving that we do or think contributes to the healing of humanity.”

::sigh:: I like it, I really do.

…now, you might be asking yourself, “Sare, why on earth did you use your Draco WTF icon for a quote of the day post about love and the healing of all humanity?” Excellent question. It wasn’t just to get your attention, no indeed. (That would be shameless and reprehensible on my part. Very bad. Bad Sarey.) It’s actually because I wanted to point out this amazing blog, whose subtitle is in fact, WTFWJD?

I am determined to make myself an lj icon: WTFWJD?

There’s a t-shirt too, that I wouldn’d mind going jogging in. (consider, than when I start jogging again, it will be around my workplace… ::grin:: )

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