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Day 90 Update

It may be may be that my car is done today, and returned to my own possession. I shall know by the time the shop closes at 5:30pm.

You would think that after 90 days of waiting, I would be very patient about this. In fact, over the last 90 days, with the small exception of a few hours here and there, I have been incredibly patient (if I do say so myself). But of course, if they don’t finish it today, then it will be Monday. Normally, not any more of a problem than it has been since mid-October, but the thing is, I’ve got some of those Not Entirely Mandatory But A Seriously Good Idea social-work type engagements this evening and next. And really, it would be good for me and the church I represent to be present and perky for both of them. And I am loathe to go rent a car for the weekend if I’m actually going to have my own car. It’s not just the expense (which is something to consider) but the fact that the first engagement starts at 6:30pm tonight, an hour after I’ll know for certian whether or not my car will be home… and there’s the walk to the rental place, which I wouldn’t actually want to undertake after nightfall, which is about 4:45pm. And the fact that it actually take some time to walk from A to B, and then to get ready for said party.


I think I need to go get advice from the most fabulous buisness manager in America, if she’s still in and not beyonetting the wounded, it being the year-end wrap up time.

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