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My Undead Car


Weta is Dead.

Weta, in case you don’t know, was my car. My little 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid. My little hybrid that was smooshed on October 21st, some 95 days ago in an entirely Not-My-Fault accident. Today, January 7th, she has been declared totaled. I am now in the market for a new car. Sadly, I cannot afford the gorgy, new, little mini cooper (colored british racing green) that my dear friend just happens to be selling. Alas, it is some $7K out of my price range, as I must stick rather closely to what the insurance company is giving me, upon the death knell of Weta.

And I wonder, do I have to pay taxes on the insurance payment? Anybody? Hm. If it weren’t 4:50pm, I’d call the fabulous woman who has been handling my claim and ask her. Because really, that might make kind of a difference in what I can afford.

Still, Honda Certified Used Cars are looking pretty good right now. There’s a 2003 Honda Element that looks spiffy. (Even if I could afford another such hybrid, a 2003, you can’t actually get them. Hard to come by, my little hybrids. ::sigh:: )

So, I mailed off the title today to the insurance company. I have to admit that when I got it out of my strong box, pulled it from its envelope, I did in fact cry a bit. But all in all, I’m more content now than I was earlier this morning when, in fact, i didn’t know. In fact, tho Weta is dead, she is fully functioning at present, and in the possession of the collision company. Fully functioning, but in a sense, undead. In that crazy undead way where you never know if she’s suddenly going to have a seizure, and just turn around and suck your wallet dry.

::sigh:: Weta is undead, but I have given her up for dead. I have followed her to her burying ground and stuck a wooden stake in her little internally combustible heart, sending her title to the insurance company as I have. And I am off again, looking so quickly to replace her. It’s a rough world though, and I need wheels.

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