Halloween Oh, goody.

It being Halloween and all, I thought I’d pop online and read some stories of my favorite witches and wizards, since I already have vampires and stinky cats in real life. (Not sure what stinky cats, or just the one stinky kitten might have to do with Halloween, other than the fact that his name just happens to be Severus. Severus Septimius Alexander “Grumpypants” Snape Gordy, to be exact. His brother Harry is much nicer on the nose. Yes, that would be Harry James “The Kitten Who Lived” Potter Gordy. Their older brother Zuko, however violent he might be, was never at all anything but perfectly groomed all the time, bless his little furry soul.)

Off to find suitable fic and eat halloween candy that I have purchased for exactly that reason.

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