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Stranger than Fiction

You know, I was worried about this. The whole, ‘Can I really keep up two blogs at once? A work blog and a personal blog?’ I was right, I can’t. Or, I couldn’t. But not at all for the reasons I first supposed. Because what has occured was something that I hadn’t considered at all: Nothing on either of them.

Now, sure, I go through periods of waxing and waning interest, attention, and energy. So it goes. But there was something else going on there, in and amongst the fact that the last two years of my life have been slightly more stressful and draining that I would have ever imagined, for reasons entirely personal and familial. And I’ve finally figured out my conundrum on the blogging issue, avoided so long because of my complete lack of energy to be introspective about it, as would be my norm. Anyway, the issue:

Where does work end and personal begin? Where does personal end and work begin? Boundaries. There are people from work (not staff, but members of the community for which I work) who read this blog, and they are welcome to do so. There are people who read this blog who are purely personal friends and compatriots in writerly and ficcly pursuits. Yet my work is a large part of my personal world view. And certainly, I am asked to give quite a bit of what I might otherwise consider something very personal to my work, particularly in preaching and theological reflection, to say nothing of getting to know other people and their stories.

Frankly, the issue reminds me of one of Huw’s blogposts on God and Caesar, and my comments therein.

Which is interesting, because as I read the blogpost, I wasn’t sure where I fell in that question of violated boundaries, and yet, as I wrote, I thought (behold, the introvert), and by the end of the post comment, I’d come away with a clearer understanding of how I felt about the topic.

And that is exactly what I’d been avoiding in this topic. To think, I must write. I know this. And yet, I avoid it when I am afraid of finding an answer that I think I might not like.

Well, I still don’t have an answer, but I think I’m no longer afraid of working it out, in those ways that I do.

Random Sidenote: I need to update my lj icons.

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