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Treacherous & Lengthy Commute

After the treacherous and lengthy commute from work to home (how embarrassing to trip over your own patio furniture, all because you forgot to turn the back porch light on, and the illumination from the outbuildings only goes so far), I am home again, still somewhat Typhoid Mary, but stuffed to the gills with excellent potluck fare (four cheese quiche, pasta salad with pine nuts, turkey salad, and salsa rice & beans with bread), and my head full of interesting thoughts about John 12: 23-30.

Hm.  What was that bit I rewrote/retranslated in the end?  Shoot.  Something like… If you live for your ego at the expense of the common dignity of humanity, then in the end you’ll have nothing but your ego left.  If you sacrifice your ego at the altar of the common dignity of humanity, you may lose you ego, but you’ll have gained the whole world.  Yea.  Something like that. I think I could preach that.  In fact, I think I will.  (Subject to change.)

Anyway, it was very cool to see some new faces there, and I hope they found it interesting, worthwhile, and above all, safe.

Still thinking about what I’ll add to the clergyblog.  But I’m thinking about renaming it ClergyBlog.

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