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Stress Bunny

So I just read this great (and short) blog post by Jonah Lehrer called Stress & Sadness, and it just makes me think of how true it all is.  I think of my own way of being, how I use stress as a crutch to accomplish things under deadline, but then I wonder why my life is full of peaks and valleys…  And I’ve been trained in cognitive behavior therapy, and meditation both (mentioned in the comments of the blog post), and I love yoga and martial arts and being at the gym (also mentioned in the comments)… But in thirty years I have yet to seriously incorporate any of these things into my daily habits.  

Perhaps the only thing that I consistently treat myself with is my writing and my music, but even so I usually feel guilty about indulging in them, as if I am stealing time away from something I ‘ought’ to be doing in order to do the things I enjoy doing, the things that rejuvinate and regenerate me.  Hmm.  Perhaps I should do as I recommend to others and drop the guilt?

Physician, heal thyself.  (Theologian, open your eyes and see your God.)

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