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Easter Revelations

I can have this now.
I can have this now.

One of the things that I realized on Easter Morning was that I’m done with my diet. I’ve changed the way I look at food, increased my understanding about eating healthy for my own individual body, and faced some painful and ugly assumptions that had gone long unlooked-at. I’ve also created some excellent habits concerning movement, and rhythmic eating. And so now, it’s time to shift.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll recall that I’ve been attempting the Dukan Diet for about a year, now. I say ‘about’ a year, because I lost about a third of the weight [33 lbs] I’d been shooting for (just in time for my wedding last July, an unplanned bonus), and then shifted it into the long-term gear in the diet, the place you go to consolidate your weight loss. And for the last two months, I’ve been trying to shift it back into the low-gear, but it’s been just one long, ugly plateau. Meanwhile, the diet has had some difficult side-effects – mainly, for two out of four weeks of the month, I can’t actually be on it and stay upright, due to menstruation and my tricky vascular issue. Also, it’s a harsh, harsh diet. It works, yes, but that came for me at the price of eating so much of a food that I actually couldn’t stand it anymore.

And so from here the rule is this: all things in moderation- including moderation. Here’s what have I learned from being on a diet, and the Dukan diet in particular, that I want to keep and continue:


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