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Is This Like Childbirth?

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I have heard that the human body simply cannot remember what pain feels like. If this is so, it’s one of the most sensible safe-guards to our psyche that I’ve ever encountered. I mean, we remember that something was painful, but we don’t remember just how excruciating the pain really was. I have heard this is why siblings exist. I myself have never given birth to a child, so I have no room to render an opinion – but I have had a kidney stone and I’ve heard there is some similarity, and I will say that I was horizontal and screaming in pain, so at least there is that surface sameness.

But you know, even though I remember that it was both excruciating and scary – I was a teenager, at home alone, not knowing what my body was doing or why I was suddenly in rush-to-the-emergency-room grade pain – I can’t for the life of me actually recall what it felt like. I remember what region of my body was hurting, and how after a while it just felt like everything hurt, but I don’t remember the pain itself.

I think dieting might be at the base of that same tree.

I am considering having a sibling of the diet that almost drove me nuts last year. Partially I’m considering this because I don’t actually recall how emotionally painful it was to not eat something I was craving, or how the exact experience of every fiber of my body voting for revolution after I had to eat the same things too often. Partially I’m considering this because the silly thing actually did work – I lost 30 of the 110 pounds I needed to, and I kept it off. I’m sort of considering going back and doing another thirty, and getting it down to just 50 pounds to go – which I will work on, perhaps in 2014.

I see some pros and cons to this:

On the Pro Side,

On the Con Side,

So there you go. I have about one serving of granola left, and then after that… I think I’m going to do it. Pray for me.

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