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Triumphant Return?

Cue the music. [Fanfare for the Common Man, by Aaron Copeland] Bring on the champagne (or at least the freshly brewed iced tea). Don the Ray Bans. Kick back. Here we go.

So where the hell was I?

Hi! My name’s Sare. We knew each other a long time ago, back when I used to blog semi-regularly. Well, semi-regularly is going to kick back into action now, because just as life changed for me a little more than two years ago (when the blogging stopped), it has changed again. Hooray!

The short version of where I was follows. The long version may yet be the subject of several different blog posts in the future.

Some of you know that I’ve been regularly annoyed by migraines since I was five years old. A little more than two years ago I shifted on that scale of how migraines impact one’s life from ‘regularly annoyed’ to ‘utterly devastated.’ I’ve now shifted back to ‘regularly annoyed’, and I’m hoping that said shift will continue right on down that side of the scale till I hit ‘vaguely aware of where the pain killers are located in the house’. This is one of my personal physical health goals, along with walking regularly and doing more yoga.

What now?

Well, now I’m beginning to pick up all the pieces of my life, including all of those online portions, and refit them back in. And the thing about that is that everything has shifted, and some things just don’t fit anymore. One might imagine these would be hard decisions to make, but really, they’re not. They might be hard to own up to, but not hard to have made in the first place. I think in particular about one of my work projects in my offline life – I created and ran a summer reading camp for Kindergartners. And it was time to give that up. Giving it up was a relief. Telling the people it impacted was by no means relieving.

Similarly, I’m not clear that social media is going to have any larger space in my life than it has had for the last two years. I can’t say no to it entirely – I am not a digital hermit, after all – and who knows what the future will bring. But now that I actually have energy to sit up and the capacity to think clearly, I know what I want to do: make stuff. Perhaps that will once more include pithy comments on Twitter. We shall see.

But what about the writing?

The writing is well in hand. Here’s an update:

Fanfic: The Day The Earth Stood Still. I know it’s been years. I still have a hope to continue and finish this. It is not, however, a very high priority right now. But it is a very fun side project that has been put on the back burner.

Fanfic: The Loki of Midgard Series. I know it’s been months. I’m committed to finishing the trilogy and posting, for reasons you’ll see below. As soon as I finish the current editing work, I’ll be returning to writing the third long story, The Meddler, and posting accordingly.

Original Fiction for Publication: The Loki of Midgard Trilogy. (You see why I’m committed to finishing the fanfic?) The first in the trilogy is nearly finished editing, and I’ll keep you posted about when I find an agent.

Random Short Stories: More of these in my future. The topics, I’m sure, will be as varied and sundry as before.

Poetry: Qwertyuiopolis blog: This is a joint project with my husband which will also be resuming shortly. There will be a corresponding Patreon page for those who which to patronize me (in the good way).

What is Sare reading right now?

Well, to finish off this update, it’s only fair I tell you what I’m putting in my head. As I don’t watch much TV at all (really, really bad for my migraines), this is mostly news (from Quartz, the Washington Post, and occasionally NPR and the HuffPost), music, and books. (Most of which I can deal with, even with migraines.) The music can be another day, for I need at least two separate posts in order to rhapsodize on the topic of U2’s two latest albums. But here are the books. Or, at least the new books, as this doesn’t count the re-reads.

Have just finished:

Am actively reading:

Cued up for after:


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