The Exegete

The Monday Morning Exegete Presents 8th Sunday of Epiphany, Cover

The Monday Morning Exegete is a weekly digital publication providing devotional resources for personal and small group bible study:

Perfect for lay men and women who want a broader scope on the lectionary than any one Sunday sermon can offer.

Perfect for Adult Christian Formation Directors who are searching for an easy and engaging way to have an ongoing lectionary-based bible study.

“I just find the Monday Morning Exegete so useful. I enjoy reading it.  It’s funny. It’s irreverent in the best way. It really inspires my own creativity.  I love having a model in the work of undoing false piety around scripture and building a new relationship with scripture. Thank you.”

-The Rev. Jennifer Creswell,
St. Luke The Physician,
Gresham, OR.

Inside Every Exegete

There are things you can expect every week when you open up your digital copy of the Monday Morning Exegete. There is a mix of history, spirituality, biblical inquiry, ancient language, devotional reflection and helpful how-to guides for personal and group bible study.

“In A Nutshell”

What are the readings like this Sunday? This is the go-to section right on the front cover of the Exegete that tells you the major themes in just a glance, as well as which books and chapters will be a part of this week’s study.

“To Get The Ball Rolling”

The Bible is book bursting with wisdom and encounters with God and even the shortest reading can come with volumes of commentary. This section is just the beginning,  an initial reflection on the readings, something to get the ball rolling and the juices flowing for your own study and devotion.

“History  & Vital Stats”

This is one section broken up into bits and scattered throughout the Exegete at opportune points. It’s filled with historical context, dates, figures, tidbits about the culture and motivations of the holy storytellers and the characters they describe.

“Weekly Word Study”

Words have power and ancient words were used, combined, derived and bandied in ways that aren’t necessarily apparent today. This section takes a word from one of the readings and dives under the surface to see just how big the iceberg really is underneath it, and what kind of translations it has had through the years.

“Retelling the Gospel”

Language is a beautiful thing and familiar language easily gets into our bones and becomes the way we express ourselves in every day interactions. Formal language can also numb us to what is really going on, and this section tries to get to the heart of the story using contemporary language and expressions.

“This Sounds Familiar”

The Exegete follows the Episcopal Edition of the Revised Common Lectionary, and it’s a great tool to read most of the Bible – but it does skip bits and it also repeats bits. This section will give you an idea of when else you’ll have heard any particular reading during the church year.

“Collect & Lectionary”

It’s the text, just the text, and nothing but the text. The collect is conveniently located right on the front cover of the Exegete and the rest of the lectionary is located at the end. Keeping all of the study materials in one place with one download really removes some hurdles from you and your bible study.

“The DIY Bible”

The life of the faithful, mature Christian includes reading the Bible, but facing the Bible in a ‘Do It Yourself’ fashion can be daunting without  a sense of what the words meant to the people who originally beheld them thousands of years ago in lands and cultures far from here. This section can help.

The Fine Print

The Monday Morning Exegete is edited by the Reverend Sare Gordy Anuszkiewicz, a priest of the Diocese of Western New York who is passionate about Christian Formation of all ages and at all levels. Free month trials available by filling out the form below.

The Exegete is delivered every Monday to the email inbox you specify in PDF format. A standard subscription is $20/month which can be paid monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually.

Bulk rates and gift subscriptions are available upon request. Occasionally scholarships are available for small parishes who wish to use the Exegete as a primary adult bible study tool.

To sign up for the Monday Morning Exegete, or to receive a free trial, please fill out the form below.

Subscription to the Monday Morning Exegete includes a reprint license for specific parish uses.


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