A Free Month of The Exegete

The Monday Morning Exegete is great for:

The Monday Morning Exegete Presents: Lent 3

  • the average joe and jill who want more of a guided inquiry into the bible than they’re presently getting elsewhere
  • fodder for discussion groups, bible studies
  • reprintable excerpts for weekly parish newsletters
  • jumping off points for preachers in congregations

Use the form below to send an email to The Monday Morning Exegete and get a month of the publication for free to see if is as helpful as you suspect it will be.


  1. […] But you know, it’s also striking to me that while the normal human reaction to mystical moments, seeing God, seeing angels, might be abject terror, it’s also clear to me that the first words out of angels mouths usually is some variation on ‘Do not fear.’  It’s certainly what Jesus says to his friends as they’re cowering on the ground.  Perhaps cowering in the presence of God isn’t actually what God wants.  Interested? […]

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