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Sare Gordy is consultant, life coach, author and Episcopal priest. As she is fixing to get married most everything is in flux, but you know, she’s weirdly calm. (She attributes this to the Peace That Makes No Sense, but she would.)

Sare’s a crafty sort and enjoys making things and making things both beautiful and useful – this weaves through most everything she does.

She’s got some cats, but equally enjoys dogs. She likes to name dogs after food and cats after fictional characters which explains the dog named Oreo and the cats named Prince Zuko, Sookie, and Harry & Severus.

Sare’s always doing a personal and in-depth study of some sort of wisdom literature, sometimes more than one at once. Right now it is: Eckhart Tolle‘s Power of Now, and John Shelby Spong‘s Re-claiming the Bible for a Non-Religious World. Both are excellent and she highly recommends them.

Sare is a woman with many projects. She has writing projects. She has church projects. She has crafty and creative projects. Two of her current church projects are a grand experiment in parallel development and one in marketing and evangelism. Of course there are more, and then there is the consulting.

Sare consults in three main ways – life coaching, church development and social media. In these she has three people who serve as mentors. For life coaching, she has her own coach (or for the religiously minded, a Spiritual Director), Melissa Roberts. For church development she is being mentored by the Rev. Vicki Zust. For social media she is constantly inspired and guided by Rachel Lynn Brody.

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  1. Sare Liz,

    I’ve been reading your fanfic, The Day the Earth Stood Still on fanfiction.net and loved your last author’s note. I’m actually writing a research paper on fanfiction and why these literary communities exist. I was wondering if I could use your comments in my paper, of course giving you credit for your words. If you are okay with this, all I would need is the name you want me to give credit to, either you real name or a pen name will suffice. Please let me know and keep up the amazing writing.

    • Jada,

      No worries. I’d love to be able to read your final paper, if you’re willing to send me a copy, as well. What class are you doing your paper for? What’s your thesis? You can give credit to me, real name, The Reverend Sarah E. Gordy. Let me know if you need anything else. :)


  2. hey sare,
    I’ve also been reading your FF, which I really enjoy. I am actually considering going back to church, thanks to you and one other priest: the bishop of the LA diocese. My son attends an episcopal school, so I get news about the church often. Anyway, I find I am drawn to the compassion and acceptance in your words and his. I’m not sure if I want to join any church, at this time, but you have compelled me to find out more. If you ever come to southern california I would love to meet you. You seem like a pretty cool chick!
    ~jennifer schmitt/frantic-daydreamer

    • Jennifer,
      I’m glad you’re liking the fic, and I’m glad you’re thinking about working out your spirituality in a community. Choose wisely, because not every church (even when it’s been a part of your particular faith tradition, or family tradition) fits everyone. One size does not fit all, but the good news is that there are lots and lots of good churches out there, in every denomination. Look for one that fits you.

      I don’t know the bishop of LA, but I’ve been at a few conferences with priests from that diocese, and all the ones I’ve meet seem like really incredible and invigorating people. Get your inspiration wherever you can. :)

      I’ve never been to the gloriously sunny state of California, much less the southern portion of it, but keep in touch and if I’m in your neck of the woods we can have coffee. If you twitter, follow me there. I’m an inconsistent blogger (though I’m working on that), but I’m a frighteningly consistent twitterer. I’m sure that lends insight into my psyche, if only I could be bothered to look…


  3. Hiya, Sare.

    Probably an inappropriate way to greet an elder (Older Human Being! Someone who was born before me? Gah!), but I get a feeling neither of us are much for conventions- which I actually find quite gratifying, in most instances. Not that I don’t respect my elders (Hispanic child-rearing forms have that quite ingrained in to me, thank ya muchly) – and I find myself quite respecting you.

    Odd- The only reason I found your work in the first place was because of a recent (and altogether somewhat obsessive) binge on Alice in Wonderland AU-ness, with a romance between Alice and our beloved Hatter at the Front. (Hatter? Tarrant Hightropp? Reginald?) I found Frabjous Day- and I’m still blushing, Mind you. Anyway.

    I think this is the first time I’ve been able to learn more of another writer without starting a direct conversation- Fanfiction.net allows mostly for reviews on story, but there is that barrier between praising writing and actual conversation. So I found this link after snooping a bit on your profile- and I’ve read just about every entry.

    I find you inspiring, honestly. I’m about to become a full-ranged adult, myself, with many problems and questions you’ve raised here- and it’s been gratifying to find someone else seems to share some of my ideas, especially when it comes to Religion.

    I guess I should cut off, before I continue rambling. xD There is a possibility of it degenerating into a fangirl-esque tirade. So thanks for the read, and the feel-good end to this evening.

    Be Blessed, Happy, Full, and High (on life)


    • Luna,

      When people in whatever congregation I happen to be serving ask my how I would like them to address me, and at that point they expect to hear something along the lines of ‘Reverend Gordy,’ or perhaps even ‘Mother Sarah,’ if they are traditional they are discomfited to hear I prefer they call me Sare. If they are less so, they are relieved. I figure, if God can call me Sare, which God does, then it’s fair game for everyone else. I’ve had people speak of me in the most disrespectful manner, all while using my correct title and address. It is the core of your message that I care about.

      And isn’t it interesting, the ways we end up being connected to people? Meet through a friend, random encounters out in public, being referred by someone or something… and whether it is that we’ve found what for us will be a great and impactful work of literature, or the latest guru that will in fact change our life for the better, or the friend or acquaintance that will walk with us on the path as we become a discernibly better person… how we encounter those people, whatever their level of interaction in our life, is always a curious thing.

      There is a difference, I think, between internet stalking and reasonable research. Your behavior sounds like reasonable research. It’s all good. Besides – I put that link on there for a reason; I want people to find this blog. :) I like people to be comforted or challenged by the things I say. Sometimes it starts brushfires, but so be it. I feel like what I say needs to be said, and isn’t often enough heard by those who yearn for a voice to speak to the tension that they feel. Alternately, I could be full of shit. This is also quite likely.

      We encourage full-range and even free-range adults. Even more so, I love walking with people as they become mature human beings. You may not be surprised to find out that this is a voluntary process that does not often occur in the first half century of life, though of course, it can. Also, being a mature human being really has nothing to do with being a responsible adult. But more on that later…

      But really, feel free to ramble, babble, and fangirl. The most interesting things spontaneously pop out when we gush. The Holy Spirit is allowed elbow room when we do that. Weird-cool-divine shit happens in those moments. And there is every hope that I’ll be blogging more often – I hope you will feel free to comment whenever and wherever and for however long you like on each one.


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