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So you’re curious about becoming a patron?

Becoming a patron supports Sare Liz’s work of writing and publishing novels. While you might not imagine that your $3 a month does much at all, in fact, it does. Because your $3 is combined with the $3, $5, $10, and $25 of other people – and when Sare Liz has fewer side gigs, it means she writes and publishes faster.

Sare Liz uses the platform Patreon to connect with her patrons. Each patronage tier comes with a few benefits and perks, all of which are outlined over on Sare Liz’s patreon page. The most popular by far is her $3 tier: “First Access” which provides patrons at that level and above first access to all the fiction she writes. Sare Liz also shares unique creative insights with her patrons, and polls them for their input on big decisions. And naturally, when she publishes, her patrons are the first to hear about it, and receive spoilers and give-aways.

For those who are unfamiliar with it, the Patreon platform is best for people who want to make a monthly donation to the cause. Patreon securely stores your financial information and sends you a monthly receipt. You can also pay annually and receive a discount, while still receiving all the perks and benefits of that tier.

For more information on each individual tier, and on how to sign up, check out Sare Liz’s Patreon Page.

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