writing updates

All links to purchase options or free reading/download options are located on the bookshelf page. Writing updates are provided for larger works only. Minute updates, plus early access to all fiction and non-fiction is granted to Sare’s Patreons.

Works In Progress

Fiction: Scheherazade. UPDATED: 12/3/23 PROGRESS: mid 14th chapter WORD COUNT: 52,775

Non-Fiction: Retelling the Gospel of John (working title). UPDATED: 12/2/23 PROGRESS: idea stage WORD COUNT: 0

FanFiction: Loki of Midgard & related stories. UPDATED: … PROGRESS: … WORD COUNT: 285,548

FanFiction: Debts of Honor & related stories. UPDATED: … PROGRESS: … WORD COUNT: 601,325

FanFiction: The Day The Earth Stood Still & related stories. UPDATED: … PROGRESS: … WORD COUNT: …

Fiction: Book 2 in Chronicles of Yggdrasil (Loki of Midgard) series. UPDATED: … PROGRESS: … WORD COUNT: …

Finished Works

FanFiction: Venus in Effigy & related stories. FINISHED: 2023 WORD COUNT: 487,329

Non-Fiction: Healthy Sex. FINISHED: 2023 WORD COUNT: 14,000+

Fiction: Book 1 in Chronicles of Yggdrasil series: Loki of Midgard. PUBLISHED: 2020 WORD COUNT: 120,000+