about Sare Liz

Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz is an author and exorcist who writes both fiction and non-fiction, all of which you can find descriptions and directions to within this website.

Sare Liz lives with her spouse Emma and their cats whom they name after fictional characters. They both enjoy walking in nature, qigong, discussing characters over dinner and personal growth.


  1. Honestly I’m hoping you go back and finish The Day the Earth Stood Still – I love it and hope you didn’t abandon it!

  2. I’m looking for “Thanks! You’re awesome and all things great!” that you wrote awhile back, but I can’t find it on Amazon. Any ideas where I can locate it?

  3. Hi! I’ve just finished DTESS in a complete sleep depriviving marathon…I absolutely love it. Your writing is captivating, I see old comments that you are working on future chapters but I find myself on a 2009 cliff hangar O.O horrible place… The OCD in me brought me here. Kindly begging you to please update this amazing story!! :)

  4. Found DESS again and am re-reading it. Hoping you finish it, cause I really need to know how it ends,lol. BLESSINGS TO YOU.

  5. I’m always holding out hope for a completed DESS, what a terrific story! Seriously in the top 5 of ALL the fandom. That’s saying a lot.

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