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about Sare Liz

Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz is a storyteller who writes and publishes novels, both for free consumption online, and for purchase, presently through Amazon. Sare Liz specializes in unconventional romances, set in richly imagined worlds only just slightly different from our own. Her characters have amazing, whirlwind romances, and yet life is never put on hold and excellent communication skills are on display.

“An engaging, unconventional, and frequently humorous love story.”

Kirkus Reviews, on Loki of Midgard by Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz

Sare Liz maintains this blog of reflections and inspiration, a weekly newsletter called Truth from Fiction, and a separate Patreon blog full of patron-exclusive content. In fact, every day she’s not on vacation, she’s posting something somewhere.

Sare Liz lives with her spouse and their cats whom they name after fictional characters. She and her spouse enjoy walking in nature, qigong, discussing characters over dinner, personal growth, and the occasional exorcism, which isn’t quite as strange as you might imagine, given that Sare Liz’s side-gig is being an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church.

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