become a patron

Want to leave a tip? I use the platform Patreon, so visit my page there.

What does becoming a patron do?

Becoming a patron helps to ensure that I have the time and energy needed to do what I do creatively – the fiction writing, the poetry, the theological reflection, the spiritual guidance, you name it. While you might not imagine that your $1 does much at all, in fact, it does. Because your $1 is combined with the $1, $5, and $25 of other people – and when I work fewer jobs, I have more time to be creative, and we all love that.

What if I want to give a one-time donation to you?

One time donations are best done through paypal, and anyone who has my email address can send me money. It’s revsarey at gmail dot com.

The patreon platform that I use for patronage is best for people who want to make a monthly donation to the cause. Patreon securely stores your financial information and sends you a monthly receipt.

What do I get out of it?

Aside from the warm inner glow that comes from helping an artist, each patronage level (there are levels!) does come with a few benefits and perks, all of which are outlined over on my patreon page. That does include some sneak-peek content for the fiction writing, and the possibility of me naming a character after you.

Do you support artists on Patreon?

Yes, I do. Because my dollars make a difference to them, too.