Divine Union

So. I was at field ed this morning. Typical, really, for a Wednesday morning. And, so, well, I achieved Union with God. Ykno, Divine Union. It was… orgasmic. Possibly an overshare, but if you read Teresa, she’d tell you the same thing.

Lots of things happened. Lots of realizations occured. Some of them do have to do with my fic writing, yall might be interested to know. I’m going to hash those out asap. But I came back to campus, started studying in my happy haze, and paused to write this poem. I might expand it into a fic. Hell, it could be the basis of an entire VK/HG universe. Or possible an SS/HG, but I really don’t want to go back to that room just now.

He waited for me to grow up and be ready
He wooed me gently, softly
Until one day I looked into his face
And softly gasped in wonder
My heart tipping over into his
So much greater than mine
And began to understand
The corner of the vastness of his love
His arms embraced me
His body against mine
His eyes revealing his love
My mind blissfully blank
Except for my longing, my craving
For him, my God
With whom I had finally fallen in love.

And my heart screamed out in ecstacy,
“Thank you!”

The bowl chimed, prayer was ending
But I screamed out in my head,
“Nooo! I’m not done yet!”
Thinking how little I had treasured you
In this amazing moment
Of knowing my love for you.
You smiled
You love me anyway,
Or maybe because,
And you remind me,
“I’m not going anywhere. Are you?”

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