So. I went to field ed today, and it was good. I helped to lead a pilgrimage, which I think was very successful. Nobody sliped and killed themselves on the ice during the sacred walk, for instance… All good.

And then I had this really intense interaction with someone who definitely needed a listening ear. It was a good interaction, and these are the moments that really drive home to me that I am, in fact, called to be a priest. And yet I find myself in need of rest afterwards. I mean, I’m not unhappy, or vicariously traumatized, or numb… I’m just… worn. This would be a wonderful point in time to curl up next to some Viktor-like significant other and be.

I can’t wait to find that someone. Really, I think I might be ready.


In lieu of that, I’m going to continue to lay on this couch with my laptop on my tummy and one of my best friends in the whole world sitting on the other couch (studying and being diligent), and I’m going to talk to Viktor, and see if he’s not up for telling me more of what happened in Greenhouse 2.

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