A Deacon and a Martyr… Yes to #1, No to #2.

It looks like I’m going to actually have to write some papers today. ::sigh:: Really, it’s not my natural inclination. I’d like to just read theology, eat tortilla chips and sleep.

Still. There was a point in me updating my journal, and this is it.

The countdown has begun. A friend and mentor pointed out that it was okay for me to be excited at this point. Am I excited for Christmas, you ask? Well, of course I enjoy celebrating the coming of Christ every year. Yay! But no.

The day after Christmas – St. Stephen’s Day (ahem: first deacon of the church, and first martyr) – I’m going to be ordained to the transitional deaconate. Lord above, I’m not going to be Ms. Gordy any more, I’m going to be the Rev. Sarah Gordy. Yeep. And a year later, I’ll be ordained a priest. Holy Orders.

Yeep. Ten days.

So, if you’re the praying sort, I’d love for you to say a prayer for me the day after Christmas. If you’re not the praying sort, I’d love for you to light a candle for me, or to just save a smile and a good thought for me. God willing and the people of the Episcopal Diocese of Western New York consenting, I’ll be ordained by my Bishop at six in the evening.

Sort of hard to concentrate on papers, ykno? I’ve got major ontological change coming up, people.

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