Yes, Procrastination

I made an icon. (From my ordination!) This is a sure sign.

But I’m much calmer, now. My bishop called this morning to give me his well-wishes and tell me he was praying for me, and I got a card from a really nice priest in my diocese (who knows me because he was on a committee that raked me over the coals not too long ago) just to encourage me on the NEWTs. (Not that he called them that, but he strikes me as someone who might get the joke.)

But I am cruzin’ along with the things I need to do. I did, for instance, completely reorganize my collection of digital music. Necessary, trust me. Nearly done cleaning my room and organizing my resources. And at some point, that sermon will happen…

Still haven’t finished the laundry… But I did write some on my next story. ::happy grin:: God Bless rakaiagirl for shoving me upstairs last night with the stern order to “Go and be creative” before I actually went to sleep. ::grins::

Ah, the absolute deluge of VicFic is lovely! ::does happy dance in desk chair:: I can’t wait to read it all!

::bounces in happiness because her bishop called::
(Some bishops sadly forget that their seminarians are actually alive and flipping out at this point. Or really, at all in seminary… Isn’t that sad?)

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