So, wow. This has been an incredible day, I just have to say it.

After yesterday (enjoying a nice afternoon with my sister, but then having the worst migraine of my life for desert) anything might look good, but I ran, I read, I was calm and relaxed, I bought crafty supplies (which always perks me up), I got accepted to take on the Hermione/Viktor pairing in Potterverse 100 (gah!), and I just won free tickets from a radio station.

And, my friends, I did laundry. You know how I feel about laundry.

I decided that I wasn’t up to actual cooking, so I’m eating some fabulous leftover chili and drinking a bottle of beer, wondering, “should I look over the syllabus for my independent study and organize my thoughts and create a game plan for the rest of January, or should I write fic?” It’s actually a difficult decision, as inspiration is not exactly forthcoming at the moment, but I figure maybe if I plan two hours of fic writing and an hour of academia I’ll be able to do a bit of both, inspiration or no.

But speaking of all things ficcly, any thoughts on which prompt I should start with? I haven’t had any luck at all at picking one. Votes, anyone?

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