Daily Babble

It’s 11:18 am and I have somehow managed to do nearly nothing. That is, very nearly nothing. I did write one important letter, look up John Chrysostom in Lesser Feasts and Fasts, and did a great deal of surfing on ebay, but by and large, nothing was done.

I’m seriously considering buying more icon space on lj. Now, I ought to be seriously considering one of several academic projects, or possibly one of several fic projects, but no. I’m thinking about buying more icon space on lj. That, and the durmstrang messenger bag on the Warner Bros online store. (I love bags. It’s a major character flaw…)


Perhaps after chapel and lunch, something productive will get done. I’ll look up the readings for the sermon I need to write. I’ll google John Chrysostom. I’ll transcribe some interviews, work on the Great Thank You Note Project. Something. That doesn’t have to do with bags and icons.


Today I’m a bit weak on the moral fibre thing. ::sigh:: Still, better internal balance than before. Yay!

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