Oooo… spiffy new technology.

Well.  I now know a bit more about Chrysostom than I did before.  And I’ve rewarded myself by downloading an lj client.  And now I’m testing it.

Can I just say that I love GUI?  I never did when i was a programmer.  I was such a purist snob, then…  Ooo, but now it’s just nifty.  Nifty!

A wee bit from Prompt #2, Classes

Hermione smiled a tiny bit wider at Viktor and looked meaningfully to the rows of bookshelves off to her right, topping off her bit of non-verbal communication with the quirk of a single eyebrow. Would he get it? She pushed back her chair, still looking at him, and finally broke eye contact to wander into those bookshelves. Going to the end of a row, Hermione grabbed a book at random and sat on the low desk that was attached to the shelves. The Dangers of Anthropomorphizing Existential Concepts – it could prove rather interesting, even if Viktor didn’t get the hint. Hermione looked up to verify the section she was in. Muggle Studies. That’s what she’d thought. Flipping through the index of chapters Hermione made a mental note to check this one out. She started in on the first page of chapter one, A Survey of Anthropomorphic Personifications Throughout History, but before she could get past the first paragraph she heard a soft step coming up from behind.


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