I’ve actually been productive today. This has been very exciting. I’ve gotten To Do List things done and I’ve been working on ficlets for potterverse100. To that end, a little teaser:

When Viktor finally opened his bleary, bloody eyes and glared at his partner, Vlad only smirked. “Next time,” Vlad murmured to him in Russian, “Stop flirting long enough to duel.”

Also, I just descovered potterpuffs, which has just the most hilarious commentary on HP that I’ve seen in a while, particularly in the iconography. I was crowing with laughter.

And now, I’m mostly just loafing. I need to do a beta for someone, and then I’m thinking that maybe I’ll watch a movie.

40% chance rain tomorrow. That means a 60% chance I won’t run tomorrow either. ::sigh::

I guess I’ll just have to write fic.

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