Durmstrang Institute

Yay! I got my Durmstrang Messenger Bag today. And a short sleeved clergy shirt! And for most, that might be a strange mailbox combination, but such is my life.

I’m going to be updating a few little ficlets soon, but I think I’m going to take a break and try to nap for a bit. And failing that, I’ll go make myself some coffee. And then? I shall conquer the Liminal Stage!

(The Liminal Stage is that part of my room that has been preparing to move out for several months now, and is a combination of emtpy boxes, things I haven’t used in a while, and things I can’t find. It started in one of my closets, and has been spilling at a glacial pace for over two months now. Its now taken over one entire side of my room. And its day has come, oh yes.)

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