Quidditch at the Air and Space


So I went to go see GoF again last night. (I know, again?) A friend found out that it was playing at the Air and Space Museum IMAX, so we went.


What did I see? In a display case? Because, of course, this is the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.?

1 – Viktor’s Bulgarian National Team Quidditch Uniform. (GAH!)
2 – Harry’s First Trial Hogwarts Uniform.
3 – Harry’s Firebolt (which has runes in the handle!)
4 – The Daily Prophet front page from the Quidditch World Cup
5 – A program from the 422nd Quidditch World Cup.
6 – replica inner bits from program, detailing both teams

And when we got out of the movie, we were shepherded out of the museum, as it was closed. I didn’t have a camera. I couldn’t get close…

So I went back today. ::huge grin:: I took pictures, and they turned out about as wonderful as you can get, while photographing stuff through a display case. I used rakaiagirl‘s super-spiffy digital camera, which is way better than mine in getting zoomy closeups. I’m thinking there are some new icons in my near future. ::thinks again how much she needs more icon space::

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