Reporting In

He does look like Viktor.

EDIT: That is, he does look like Viktor Krum, Quidditch Genius and Bulgarian Bon-Bon. I am not referring to any other victor of ill renoun that might be familiar to some reading this entry.

Tall, lanky, shy, broody, chiseled features that are more striking than handsome, taciturn until there’s a part of conversation he can particpate in, and then he’s animated. Lunch wasn’t ideal – we sat across from each other, yes, but he was inbetween two strong personalities that were talking over/across him, which was just unfortunate – but after lunch there was some good conversation, and at the very end when we said good bye… dare I say there was a bit of a spark? The sort of smile that goes all the way to his eyes, the sort of smile that just invites you to stare breathlessly, to sink into his gaze…

Then again, he is an actor. Hm. This bears some extended reflection, and perhaps a phone call to his mother.

::sigh:: I might have been drooling. Geez, I hope I wasn’t drooling. Or panting. That’d be just as bad. Holly, was I panting in the car? Was it obvious?

Holly – he’s cute. Lunch was understandably but regrettably short. Think he was weirded out that I’m friends with you, but checking out him? Yeep.

In other news, I’m going home for the weekend to hang out with my family and celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday. I’m looking forward to that, though of course these things tend to be a crap shoot. And the following weekend I’m going home to meet the vestry of the church that I’ll be working with. ::grins:: It’s official: I have a job. Trinity is where I’ll be curate, come July. ::huge grin:: So I just finished loading my car with about 18 boxes of books, ykno, just the ones I don’t need after GOEs, in the eternal quest to make my final move from VA ::sob:: easier. I still have to make a quick run out to Trader Joe’s to grind the coffee that I got for my mother (but forgot to grind) and grab some munchies for the road so my sister is pacified. Oh, and I need to pack. And do laundry. ::sigh::

It always comes down to laundry.

But I was also thinking, as I have no great and pressing desire to study, and no responsibilites for the huge conference that is happening on campus ahora, that maybe I’d be a little ficalicious and productive. I mean, I just ate lunch with a handsome young gentleman who looks like Book!Viktor – it stands to reason that I ought to come home and write, ykno? So, I think I’ll just do a quick email check and get on with that. ::grins::


(And as my bishop has commented before, so caffinated that I’m wired for sound.)

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