Meditating on Milford Sound

::deep sigh::

Back to Buffalo.

I’ve only spent 3 1/2 days home, and now I have to go back again. Last weekend threw me into a total funk that I’m not entirely out of yet. Why is it that parents think it is okay to be cruel? It doesn’t matter if your child is 2, 12, or 27 for heaven’s sake, there’s no call for rampant nastiness. rakaiagirl wants to take away her Mother Card. I say, ‘get her, Frannie!’

Last weekend was the festival of the nativity of my brother-in-law, and this weekend is interview and job stuff. Granted, I already have the job, but I still need to do the meet and greet thing, which means that I’ll be pulling myself together enough to be perky, energetic, outgoing and Our-Young-New-Priest material. The good news is that I simply won’t be home much, due to the breakfast, lunch, and dinner mtgs on Saturday, and church at this new place on Sunday. Really, I’ll be home to change and sleep.

So, class this morning, then drive, drive, drive…

I think, besides praying copiously, one of my mental images is going to be my icon. It’s a picture I took in NZ last NHsummer/SHwinter of a permanent waterfall in Milford Sound. At the prow of the boat you could feel the pressure of air from the waterfall, and the spray. It was magnificent, and just thinking about it relaxes me.

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