A meditation

A meditation on Christ, God, & Ecofeminism (inspired by prayer and some readings of Ruether and Walsch)
by The Rev. S.E. Gordy

We are not at the end, we are yet at the beginning, or at least we are infants –toddlers, at best– in The Way. When we realize that we as individuals are not the center of the Universe, when we understand our self-centered, ego-centered, andro-cenetered, human-centered awareness for what it is – an awareness among many, and when we then begin to be less preoccupied with ourselves [who are “we”?] to the exclusion of others [who are “they”?] it is then that we will have graduated to childhood, where we may exercise our ability to “play well with others” and it is then that harmony and balance will be the norm, not the exception, and where peace will be the hallmark, only sometimes fallen short of. This is not utopia. This is not heaven, in an otherworldly sense. This is not the eschaton that needs a proleptic taste. This is not an excuse to be used to assuage the misused and murdered. This is the next part of our development as a Holy Creation of God, and if we choose not to grow, God will not force us. God will be with us, infants that we are. And if we allow ourselves to grow – choose to grow, God will be with us, a creation that has finally entered childhood.

So what does this mean? This means, for now -for this moment that I write, and perhaps no other, for we must all listen to God and discern our own moments- that we must prophesy peace, love, harmony, forgiveness, redemption, respect, and finally – again – love. “Tolerance” has no place in our dialogue – we do not merely tolerate, for if we do, we are making a poor effort – or, if we must, tolerate, but only as a step on the road to love – but do not linger overlong on tolerance, for if you do, love may be longer a stranger than necessary. Rather, love and love radically. Love radically, and let that be the prophet’s prophesy.

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