That is the sound of my stomach.

Yesterday was the stomach flu. Today is markedly better, in that I no longer think that death is immanent, and yet I went and had a busy day (bad number one) and had battered and fried fish sticks for lunch (bad number two) and now here I am, miserably working my shift at the computer lab.

…everyone left: it’s safe to fart…

(Come on, I need my joy somewhere.)

And so my oldest sister is coming to visit this weekend. I’m very excited. I’d be even more excited if I weren’t slightly miserable, and recovering from utterly miserable. Still. Happy. Yay. See? Yay.

Ugh. It’s hard to concentrate. I tried writing a paper. No dice. I tried working on a crafty project – needles, thread, you know – bad idea. Answering email was taxing. I can daydream about Viktor, but can I actually write? Think again.


But it’s better than it was, so that’s good.

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