As my mother just reminded me, in three weeks I move. In two weeks I will have finished (for better or worse) all of my academics, and in three weeks I graduate. And move. With mom for six weeks, and then (assuming that I’ve got my act together and the finances are right) I move into the City of Buffalo.

And so here I am, surfing Craig’s List and looking at the apartment listings.

Really, I can’t wait until my job begins in July and I have a salary. I’m obscenely excited about not having to depend on the kindness of strangers, family, and my seminary to scrape by. I keep reminding myself that there is enough in the Universe for me, that my Good comes from expected and unexpected sources, that I am an Unlimited Being accepting from an Unlimited Source in an Unlimited Way…


I think I’m going to go sew. That’ll help with my melancholy. And the sushi with the MIArakaiagirl. That’ll help, too.

And drabbles? Drabbles will occur as well. Viktor is sitting on the kitchen table for just that reason. Really, there are lots of things to do today that are fun and interesting. I think I’ll go and start on them now.


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