For the Franconia

This is for rakaiagirl.

Behind the cut is your meme. I think it better illustrates what a Mary Sue is, better than I’ve tried in the past.

So, You Want to be a Mary Sue? (Any Fandom. Really) by quietladybirman
Fandom to Violate:
Mary Sue’s True Love:
Mary Sue Name: Amethyst Greywing
Luxuriant Tresses: Verdant greenish-black
Vibrant Orbs: Alert, firey coral
Captivating Personality: Aggressive, fiesty and determined
Mary Sue Power: Is invulnerable to injury
Angsty Secret: A former experimental test subject
Ultimate Fate: Marries her True Love only to die in an accident. He mourns
Percentage of Mary Sue Induced OOCness: 97%
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