“Never have a day without play”
i think I take my life too seriously
Is it any wonder I woke with a migraine?
At least, there are times
I deem them “too serious” for play
Which is when I need them most,

…I went home and played yesterday. I thought I was going to write. I told Matthew, who is mucking out houses in New Orleans with teenagers from Alexandria, that I was going to write. Instead, I worked on a shadow-box collage for my office. It’s going to be pretty, a cluster of my Girl Scout stuff – patches, pins, and at the center, my Gold Award. I grinned the entire time, and had Hercule Poirot going on in the background.

Matthew had gotten my message explaining my need for play (and the obviousness of me starting all of it with a call to him), and he relayed to his kids that sometimes when you become adults, you forget how to play, and forget that you need to play, and sometimes you need to be reminded. They were both shocked and appalled. He put me on speakerphone at one point and I heard them all yell in unison, “YOU NEED TO PLAY, SARAH!”


And I continued the play this morning.

It wasn’t a good coffee morning, you see. In fact, it wasn’t a good breakfast morning. I had a yucky bagel that wasn’t toasted (I don’t have a toaster, and Mom picked out these bagels for me), and I didn’t let the coffee sit long enough in the french press. A bad scene. But I had enough time to walk to work… and so I made myself some mate (Yay!) and drank it while I walked to work with Viktor and my lunch strapped to my back. While lugging Viiktor around would get old if I had to keep doing it, which I don’t, I grinned the whole mile to work, as the caffeine in the mate slowly made it’s wonderful, minty, yerba-y way into my system.

Mate. The choice drink of the Southern Cone.

And now I’m at work again, which is where I was before when I began this post yesterday at five.

Have I mentioned how much I love my job?

I love my job.

I love my job way more than that gecko from Geico loves his.

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