Just an update

So, I’ve been waffling on the NiMoWriMo thing. (Or whatever it’s called.) At first I thought I would. Then I thought I wouldn’t. Then I asked for outside opinions. ::sigh::

See, here’s the thing. Life’s crazy. But how is that different from any other time? Two main things. One, I was just recently in an automobile accident, and trying to do Tai Chi earlier in the week tired me out so much I had to sit down right where I was. Now, I’m a fit 28 year old, and it wasn’t the muscle movements that were wearing me down. Major energy blockages and when I tried to move my chi around… So tiring. I’m still tired and it’s two days later.

The other main thing is my pending ordination. (YAY!) So, that’s a happy thing. I’m going to be ordained to the Sacred Order of Priests on December 1st. A happy thing, but still a thing.

And I’m going on a road trip tomorrow. ::sighs:: Perhaps not the smartest thing, I realize, but I’ve been looking forward to it for so long and I’m going to see people I love that I don’t normally get to see, I figure it’s probably worth being tired over. So, I’m leaving tomorrow aftn for DC and I’ll be back by late Saturday. ::sigh:: Just in time to preach at the 8:30 service on Sunday. Not that I have that sermon written yet, of course. But seriously, I’m hoping to sit down and write it tomorrow morning because I so seriously don’t want to write it when I could be hanging out with friends I haven’t seen. (And friends for whom I’ve missed their ordination to the Sacred Order of Priests.) But also, I’ll get to see Katherine, our Presiding Bishop elect get installed! (read: Archbishop)


How is it that kittens can love you one minute and see you as a chew toy the next? At least he knows not to walk on Viktor. Any thoughts on how I can convince Zuko!Kitty that I am not, in fact, his chew toy?

So, end result of waffling: I am not going to take November to write a novel at 6,667 words a day. I think if I tried I’d be crying by November 15th. I am considering taking Jan 15th to Feb 15th, however, to try and do the same. We’ll see.

::off to try and write some before bedtime::

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