Walk On

Okay. So we do this thing at my church. in the back of the worship guide, we have the “walk on” section, based on u2’s song. Not the point. Anyway. There are three of us who rotate writing a prayer for the week and an exercise to do at work and home. I wrote this one a head of time, since the office is going to be closed for a while, and I’m proofing it now. Really, I think it’s one of my more inpired snippets. I wanted to share it. (It might help you to know that one of the readings is the prologue of the gospel john, “in the begininning was the word and the word was god and the word was with god, etc, etc…”)

Prayer for the week:
Beloved God, you defy our wildest imaginations. Before any of us were born, you were here. We try to explain to ourselves and each other what it must have been like for you to exist before humankind did, but all of even the most inpsired descriptions fall short. Help us to remain open to the hints of your presence and the sight of your footprints in the snow, telling us, if we are willing to see, that God Was Here. This is our prayer.

Excercise to do at work and home:
“In the beginning was the Word…” In the beginning? We have no idea, really, what was in the beginning. We have stories and myths that remind us in no uncertian terms that God is God: stronger than us, wiser than us, older than us, more powerful than us, and yet miraculously loving us more completely than we love, even in our most perfect moments. Our myths: did they happen? Are they true? “I know a story,” the storyteller begins. “And I don’t know if it really happened, but I know it’s true.” So it goes for us. When you go through your week, spend a little time each day thinking of a familiar story about God and God’s people – whether the story is about Jesus or Moses, Mohammed or Buddha is less important, but pick someone – consider how it may or may not have happened just as reported, and then think about what truth the story conveys, despite the lack of journalistic credibility.

…In other news, I hope yall are having a blessed winter soltice.

Back to proofing the worship guide and writing that sermon.

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