Hm. Christmas and Dracula. And Peace.

Christmas. Kind of a busy season, I’m realizing. So glad I’m not the only priest, running a place. It’s busy enough as a brand new assistant type of priest.

::sigh:: That’s sort of all. Technically I’m writing my sermon right now. I like it – it could be good – but I’ve lost my momentum and now I’m just filling in time. It may be one of those situations where I’m actually better off going to bed and waking up at four am to write/finish it because even though it’s been percolating for the last two weeks, I only started the physical writing of it this evening… and, you know.

In other news, I got myself a beta for my new fandom – yay – and figured out more or less what is going to happen in the next part of the story. I love that. So, I think I’ll try to sleep now, sleep and think of the Word being God and visa versa, think about how dragons, dracula and darth vader are cosmically connected to the gospel of john, and barring that, how the marriage of zuko and katara is going to come about and if hakoda is going to be annoying about it (which hopefully will not end up in my sermon tomorrow morning).


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