Grr. No, seriously, grr.

So I got a forward. I opened it with dread, knowing who had sent it. It was a forward that was not respectful at all toward people on the liberal end of the political spectrum, though it did make some good points that are worth discussion. Okay. But it was prefaced with an ugliness that in some sense I have gotten all too used to hearing/seeing/sensing. Among other things, Senator Clinton was referred to as “Hillary Rotten Clinton”, and Majority Leader Pelosi was referred to as “Nasty Nancy P.”

And then, enough was enough.

I wrote the following back. What you see has been slightly edited to protect privacy.

I need to let you know that when I see you’ve typed the names of people I respect, and in some cases, have voted into office in the disgraceful and disrespectful way that you have, it diminishes your stature in my eyes.  In no way do I love you less for it, but it makes me believe that in fact you do not respect the variety and diversity of thought and opinion that has made this nation the great thing that it is.  You may disagree.  You may heartily disagree.  You may infact disagree with everything Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi, or any others stand for – that is entirely your right.  Just as it is your right to disagree with any and everything I say, but I would expect you to respect my right to have and express my own opinions – as your xxxxxxxx, as a Child of God and at least as a a fellow human being.
You do not have the right to villify any human being.
No one else does either – and when it is done, by the right or the left, it is wrong.  You are joining others in lowering the bar, lowering the level of morality, lowering the level of respect, and thereby harming the prospects of mutual respect, understanding, and partnership across the diversity of opinion. 
This is NOT the way to bring about the Kingdom of God.  This is NOT the way to be living out the love embraced by Jesus our Lord and Savior.
I encourage you – I challenge you to stop engaging in behavior that intentionally villifies others.  And if you feel after all of this that must do so anyway, please, please do not include me in on the discussion.

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