Just being a little whiney

Ah, well.

So, I have three cats – two are kittens, new to the household, though one of them I am just caring for until I hand it over to my sister, who is moving and looking forward to taking Harry off my hands. But the kittens have a virus – nothing to harm them, just enough to make life difficult for them an me. This sort of virus is nothing for kittens.

But for older cats? It can be harsh. Which I found out. My Zuko, my beloved fuzzy guy is quite ill. Not life threatening, but he did lose his nose in the bargain. Literally. It fell off – long story, but it’s because of the virus. I won’t go into the squicky details, but a trip to the all-night vet emergency room was in order.


So desite my best efforts, my house smells like poop (deeply offending my rather sensitve sense of smell) and my older cat is even more cranky than he was before (though losing your nose is a good excuse to be cranky – I’d be VERY cranky, myself), I spent my day off doing churchy things, which is to say, working, and no, my sermon is not done. I mean, I’ve got some stuff, but do I have a sermon? No.

And guess what? I’ve got no desire to write one. But I had a cup of fully leaded coffee at the dinner I had to attend so that I would write the sermon before I go to bed, but I’m at that place where really, I just want to go to sleep and wake up at 3 or 4 am and write it then.

::sigh:: Not what you’d call enjoyable.

Ah, well.

Tomorrow by 7am my sermon will be done. In a week or two my cats will be well. At some point in the very near future my house will not smell like poop. Eventually Rose will take Harry, leaving me with my beloved Zuko and Severus (whom my mother keeps mistakenly calling Slytherin) who is growing on me, the cute little malnourished fuzzy thing.


I just needed to whine. I think I’m going to go read some fic for a few mintues, then toddle off to bed, setting the alarm for 3:30 – I’ve got most of my sermon in the bag, so that should be enough time. ::sigh:: It does mean tomorrow is going to be a long day. Working from 3:30 am till 9 pm with breaks for meals and with any luck, a nap. I love naps. Well, at least I enjoy it.

::hugs:: Thanks for listening.

Random Fact:

My sister Rose has the darnest time chosing and sticking with a name for her cat. Strange, when all of her other cats had such interesting names: Fat Shakira, Hot Tuna, Fishytwit, Alien Baby, Blanc… The list goes on. But this one? I’m not sure the cat has a name that the rest of the human world is aware of. My favorite name for her cat was Padme II, Queen of Naboo. In a reaction to this, my cats have very definite names. They are as follows:

Zuko, Crown Prince of the Fire Nation, also known as Zumaru, the Panang Kitty, and the Noseless Wonder.

Severus Septimius Alexander “Grumpypants” Snape, also knowing as Sevvy, and by my mother, Slytherin.

Harry James “the kitten who lived” Potter, who has no nicknames, as Harry is one and he’s not really mine anyway – he’s Sev’s litter mate and really, my sister’s cat. It’s a good thing I named him before she got him, though, or the poor fuzzy guy might never get one.

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