Have had rough day.

Still not quite over food poisoning fiasco.

Had horrible nightmares last night, plus one semi-lovely dream. When boss perkily proclaimed that nightmares were ‘really great! A window into the psyche!’, did accidentally growl at him.

Had strange and slightly scary character curse out and literally lay a curse on my church as I sat outside in the dark, greeting for the evening service. He started throwing things. So glad was not alone.

Did not like sermon. Liked sermon when i wrote it, but not when i gave it.

Was accused of heresy by wild-eyed fundamentalist christian who managed to wander in to the Obviously and Explicitly Not Christian Service. Now, I’ll grant you that in the strictest of senses, going by an orthodoxy that is NOT widely embraced in the Episcopal Church, on the grounds he stated, yes, I was being heretical. (But then, what’s new?) But I didn’t think that arguing with him would serve any purpose, so I was pastoral instead. Then I went for a walk. Was proud of self for restraint. Didn’t point out that Rumi was a muslim, which i’m guessing he didn’t realize, and so when Rumi spoke of the one true religion… Erm, not discussing Christianity… Ykno, and I thought he was cute, on the way in. Funny how a crazed adherence to fundamentalism of any sort is off-putting.

Smallest and most adorable kitten continues to poop on himself, thus making himself into a walking Stink Bomb. Does not understand why I won’t let him sit in my lap.

Tummy still hurts.


So, WTFWJD? I’ve got an opinion about that, but it includes an obscure parable that would shock and offend, it turns the situation upside down, and gives an obviously clear and decidedly unpopular answer without getting him in any trouble whatsoever.

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