Rant at God

The following was inspired by the state of our world, and an email that my father, of all people, forwarded to me that was incredibly disrespectful.

Advent 1, Year A
December 7, 2007

Dear God,

I would like to resepctfully submit that humanity is going down the toilet and I really think it is all your fault. Or, at least mostly your fault. We can’t even treat people that oppose us politically with the basic respect due to every human being. Come to think of it, it is not only politicos to whom we deny such dignity, but they are the place I’m starting today.

I feel I’ve been pretty understanding up until now, if a little in the dark for a huge chunk of my 29 1/2 years. Still, the buck stops with you.

Send a prophet, or two, will you? Or one hundred.

Send a few dozen Messiahs.

Send a corps of reformers.

Send a league of protestants, defenestrators, and old-time Judges, like Deborah.

Break out the Sons of God and send them all.

While you’re at it, send the Daughters, too.

I have heard it said that Humanity is the Crown of Creation, but if that’s what you say, than I say you’re a Damn Liar.

Stop lying.

Stop lying to us, and please, God, help us to stop lying to ourselves. And please, while you’re at it, please, please, please, please help us live into this beautiful dream you have of us, where we can respect each and every human being’s basic dignity, if not in their own right, then at least, as a start, out of respect for you.

Your very frustrated, yet loving daughter,


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