Okay. This is cryptic, mayhap, but so it goes.

There was an appropriate symmetry to this convention, between this convention and the one in 2005.

And interestingly enough, the nausea came before I even knew that this symmetry would even exist. It’s true that it was an angst-free encounter, (that I knew was coming, even though I didn’t know it was coming) and yet I still clearly had ‘difficulty stomaching’ it, spontaneously, I’m guessing, in response to the vibes of the othe -God knows that I have a some what unfortunate talent of pcking up and absorbing other people’s energy. An annoying habit sometimes, but very useful at other moments. After the moment of symmetry there was another bout of nausea, though perhaps it is now past.

So it goes. Bittersweet and beautiful is the growth we engage in as humans walking on our path.

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