The Addiction of Blogs

Right.  So I have a new blog.  It’s not really mine.  I moderate, I attempt to facilitate.  But it dawns on me, just how bloody addictive they really are.

And perhaps this should not be at all surprising, especially to me.  Hm.  Perhaps.

The Clergy Collegiality Team got to brainstorming, again, and one of my musings got aired: how come the clergy of the diocese don’t have a blog?  What’s up with that?  It was in the context of a larger conversation, of course, but I decided to put my money where my mouth was, or at least, my time and energy where my mouth was, so I came home and created one.  Which was fine, really, as I’m sort of Typhoid Mary right now, and blogging is about the only thing I’m up for, as I conserve my energy for tonight’s potluck bible study.

And it does help that wordpress makes it so beautifully easy to moderate/administer/contribute/use multiple blogs at once.  I totally dig that.  Blogging – it’s getting easier and easier.  (Which reminds me, I need to migrate my blogspot blog and close it down, as well as close down my lj…  Hm.)

But whether or not it flies is entirely up to my willingness or unwillingness to communicate, in the end.  So, we’ll see. :)

Oh, the address?  Right.  Right…

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