A Sunday Afternoon

It’s one in the afternoon, and I have finished picking up my part of the After!Church stuff (as opposed to the Sexton’s part of the After!Church stuff).  My shoes are off and I’m sitting on my new couch.  Harry!Cat has helped himself to my water, but at least he doesn’t have the great need to tip it over, as Zuko seems to, when encountering a pint glass temptingly full of delicious and wonderful water.  My leftover Panang Chicken is getting irradiated, but also warmed, in the microwave.  My favorite playlist is currently spinning out from my iPod to my living room speakers, and I’m studiously ignoring the fact that I desperately need to vacume and dust, and the fact that there is still leftover packing materials from the couch’s grand entrance yesterday, piled up in the midst of my living space.  In fact, my entire house could use a bit of the old ‘pick it up and put it away’.  Perhaps I’ll take a tea break at three and work on that.

But now, I am ensconced.  Or, I shall be, once I fetch my chicken.  I am ensconced and happily so.  On the agenda for the afternoon is a little bit of work and a little bit of play.  A few chapters from my upcoming bookstudy book (Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism, John Shelby Spong), a few chapters from my current agatha christie (Cards on the Table), a chapter of feng shui & health (Nancy Santopietro), and some research on the st. gregory’s of nyssa website.  Interspersed one from another, as well as working on chapter five of Earth.  Why?  Because I still have the attention span of a toad, but I don’t suppose that doesn’t mean I can’t be productive, just in 20 minute intervals.

But I can get a heap done in 20 minutes, so I guess that’s alright, then.

Chicken, first.

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