Holy Habits and stuff.

Just checking in.

Lightheadedness is gone, which is nice, and I’m working on cleaning up the things I haven’t done this week, plus all of the things that I’ve decided to start, that I then didn’t.  Ah, for holy habits.  But then, aren’t all the good ones holy, if only we give them half a chance to be?  Anyway…

Holy Habit Sarey Has Begun Today:

A daily meditation on one of the daily office readings.  It doesn’t have to be long.  It does have to exist.  Ideally, I think I’d like to do them first thing when I wake up, as part of that routine.  I’ll be posting them over on the church blog, and I waffled about that, in a completely selfish and fear-based desire to hoard my writing, but what the hell, right?  That’s silly talk.  The more I write, the more I write, the more I write, and that makes me a happy bunny, to say nothing of whatever else it does in the world.  Today I chose Luke (not because I don’t love Wisdom, either) and had a few thoughts on hypocrisy, humility, and integrity.  Just a few.

Holy Habit Sarey Begins Tomorrow: 

Back to the gym, yes indeed.  I’ve found myself in this ugly endless cycle of not going when I want to go, so then I don’t go, and not riding my bike like I know I could, rather than taking the car, so then I don’t go, and… are you seeing a trend?

And now, back to liturgy planning, then to a locally owned hardware store (as soon as I google one to find it – i know it’s around here somewhere) so I can get some reasonably priced gardening implements and perhaps a very inexpensive charcoal grill for my lovely Wegman’s steak that i’m planning on eating today.  Yes, I shall reward myself with gardening and grilled steak tonight.  No greater joy, right?

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