New DVDs

I broke down and bought Mr & Mrs Smith, which I’d wanted for quite a while.  The unrated version is very interesting, not that I’m finished with it yet.  There are a lot of little changes.  I do like how the scenes are longer, and there’s more character development.  I like how you get to see even more clearly that it is a romance.  Yes, it’s a romance between two people who have serious issues – amoral assassins who are clearly not full bore sociopaths, or else they wouldn’t be capable of loving one another, but issue filled none the less.  You know me, I love the romance.  The fact that it has Angelina Jolie in it (my body type role model), just makes it better.  And yes, the violence… ::sigh:: I admit that the violence is also sexy.  So much for me fully embracing non-violence.  Well, I do my best.

Also, pertinent to the entire reason that I went to Barnes & Noble to begin with is my brand-new copy of Mamma Mia, required for the girls-night-in of Tapas & Abba that will be occurring with my book group this Friday.

…and I might have also gotten another Miss Marple set.  What can I say? I adore Agatha Christie.

“We have a problem here.  You obviously want me dead, and I’m less and less concerned with your well-being.”  Ah, the verbal foreplay of assassins.

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