Such a hypocrite, I am.

Hm.  I just looked as saw that two and a half months ago I vowed to go back to the gym.  Making it a vow didn’t help actually getting my butt there, I’d just like to point out.  Still, I have every hope that tomorrow morning 6:15AM will find my somewhat groggy self on an elliptical machine, blissed out to the enhanced Twilight soundtrack (we all know Katy Perry’s Hot n Cold as well as Radiohead’s 15 Steps should have been on there, timing of the Hillywood parody notwithstanding).

Also I noticed that vowing to do the daily office every morning didn’t make it any more likely that I would, in fact, read much less blog about it.  (On the work blog.)  But you know, all things considered, exercise, writing, bible study and silent meditation are my absolute favorite things to do in the morning (okay, add to that list drinking coffee and then it will be perfectly true and honest), and the only reasons I don’t do them are, when we boil it all down, because I’m a lazy ass mother accountable only to herself, which clearly isn’t helping.  I’ve said before that I’m a morning person when I remember to be.  It’s true.  I really should get up at 5:15am while the light still lasts, because God does know I hate getting up that early when it’s dark till 7:15am.  The joys of living up north…  Deliciously long summer days.

So, 5:15, here I come.  At any rate, good intentions or no, I have an 8am vet appointment for the stray cat, Miss Sookie Stackhouse.

Which reminds me, I need to do some recently read book reviews on here.  I’m almost done with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.


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